Hillside Church

Group Exhibition Address

Hillside Church 37 Worple Rd, Wimbledon SW19 4JQ

Opening Dates

September: 21, 22, 28, 29


City/Città/Cité/Ciudad Shades of a City.

Hillside Church was built on Worple Road nearly 150 years ago and has served the local community as a gathering space for Christian worship ever since. Visitors to the church often remark on the sense of peace and light found within the walls. Artists, in particular love the soaring spaces contrasting with the more intimate meeting rooms. All forms of the creative arts use the building, there are regular painting sessions for artists, dance groups, musicians & story tellers. Hillside also displays the work of several artists all year round. City/Città/Cité/Ciudad Shades of a City. From September to December 2019 a series of four exhibitions will take place in London, Rome, Paris and Barcelona. The first of these will be in London for the month of September as part of Merton Arts Festival. The exhibition will include London and Rome based artists including Anita Taylor, Desiree Perifano, Peter S Faulkner and Wendy Bliss.
From the outset human-culture was to be represented by the building of the city. God made the city to be a developmental tool, a form of cultural ‘gardening’, designed to draw out the riches he put into the earth, nature and the human soul at creation. We can say that the city has come to symbolise the tension between beauty and ugliness through a range of benefits yet more often than not severe social problems. City sets out to explore this dialogue through a range of diverse artists work using painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture.


Phone: 442089445544

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City/Città/Cité/Ciudad Shades of a city