Paul Tanner

Exhibiting Address

13 Springfield Avenue, Merton Park SW20 9JR

Opening Dates

September: 28, 29



Phone: 447946548559

Personal statement

Paul Tanner has been making art for 25 years. He calls himself a painter but actually works in many mediums.

Artistic Statement

I choose which medium to use depending on whatever it is I’m trying at make at the time. My work starts as ideas in my head and ends up usually as something quite different by the time I’ve made it. It always seems to be about us as human beings, whether it’s a cartoon or a photograph or a painting, I’m always looking at the world and, I guess, at us, from an ‘outside looking in’ perspective.

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Painter, stained, glass, tube map, maps, America, drawing, pencil, collage, dada, photography, photograms