Morwenna Lake Studio

Exhibiting Address

Queens Road (off Phipps Bridge Road), Merton CR4 3PL

Opening Dates

September: 28 29



Phone: 447724 087089

Personal statement

Morwenna Lake says that becoming an artist is the best thing she has done. Making art, in any form, makes her feel she is in touch with the world, even the cosmos. She feels it is important to remember that we are part of nature. It is definitely an intrinsic part of who she is.

Artistic Statement

I have a broad-based mainly sculptural artistic practice which centres around nature and the use of natural materials. When we are in nature all our senses seem to come alive and become enhanced, encouraging us to be in the moment. My art is about being in the moment, being immersed in the making of art, whether sculpture, ceramic, paint or print. The lumpiness of my sculpture references the lack of straight lines in nature and acts as a counter balance to our own human need for straightness.

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cast metals (bronze, aluminium and pewter), eco prints made from plants and leaves, ceramics from leaves, indigo dyed textiles, handmade books.