María del Pino Cornejo

Exhibiting Address

ACAVA Lombard Road Global House, 21c Lombard Road, Wimbledon

Opening Dates

September: 28, 29


Personal statement

Maria del Pino Cornejo was born in Argentina in 1981. She studied Art History and attended well known artists Guillermo Roux´s and Eduardo Faradje´s workshops. During the 2000s and 2010s, she also undertook courses on scenography, photography and iconography. In 2007/2008 Cornejo took a six-month trip through almost all Europe on a study and research tour. She undertook the 2017/2018 MA Painting course at Wimbledon College of Arts of the University of the Arts London, after winning The Wimbledon Trust Bursaries 2017/2018. She is currently based in London and gives art classes to all-level students.

Artistic Statement

My artwork seeks to talk about the spiritual. I intend to appeal in the viewer the spiritual dimension throughout the use of different colours and certain materials.

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art, painting, color, egg tempera, bubble wrap, spiritual dimension, pattern