Julian Rena Sculpture

Exhibiting Address

Potting Sheds, Cannizaro Park, West Side Common, London SW19 4UE

Opening Dates

September: 21,22,28,29


Phone: 447984886318

Personal statement

Julian Ren is 54, lives in London and has worked at Cannizaro for the last ten years. He exhibits in London and frequently exhibits sculpture in group shows across southern England. He has undertaken a number of large scale projects but currently he is working on a smaller scale. His work is in public and private collections here in England and in the United States

Artistic Statement

I am particularly interested in Icons, as form of sculpture that can can be readily understood and conveys much meaning I use white and coloured marbles, onyx’s alabasters and and sometimes semi precious stones. Their colour and transparency can become a language and part of the work.

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Sculpture,stone sculpture coloured stone,marble.Icons,french cartoons,playful sculpture.