ieva-bee at Bee Creative Art Hub

Exhibiting Address

Unit 13, The Long Shop, Merton Abbey Mills, 18 Watermill Way, SW19 2RD

Opening Dates

September: 21, 22, 28, 29



Phone: 447428563277

Personal statement

Ieva Pazemeckaite (Ieva_bee) studied art from young age in an art-based Primary and High School in Lithuania. After graduation she got a chance to work in great artist studios to learn more about compositions, life drawing and painting techniques. Later when at the Lithuanian Art Academy she decided to focus more on Graphic Design. Soon after she moved to the United States to further continue art studies and complete a degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication (BA). She worked as a Graphic Designer for over sev en years. In 2007 she was an art director in making the short movie Mimoza (USA) for a short movies festival in Lithuania with movie director R.Rakauskaite. After having children of her own she sought a change of direction, wanting to share her art knowledge with children. She studied to practice as a Montessori Directress (2013). In 2017 she opened Bee Creative Art studio for children and adults in Merton Abbey Mills, and to work on her personal art career.

Artistic Statement

Vibrant colours and pattern create layers and strong contrast in my paintings. I use a combination of mediums to create tactile complex images, the art we will exhibit at Bee Creative Art studio.

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hands, masks, abstract painting, mix media art, bright colours, canvas paintings, acrylic on canvas