Bryan Ceney

Exhibiting Address

The Swan, 89 Ridgway, sw19 4su

Opening Dates

September: 21, 22, 28, 29


Personal statement

Bryan Ceney started his art education at 13 years old, winning a scholarship to Art College, then attending Central St Martin’s Art College. As a Graphic Designer, he was based in New York, then Canada as a technical illustrator for the Canadian Air Force. He returned to the studios of London’s West End working in the television, publishing and advertising sectors, also lecturing on illustration at Ravensbourne College in Kent. Other work included the background animation for ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ and the original album cover for ‘Saturday Night Fever’.

Artistic Statement

My art is driven by the desire to illustrate the romance and beauty of wildlife in its natural habitat. My artwork reflects many styles of painting and subject matter. As my art develops, it will encompass more challenging aspects of wildlife subjects, portraits and the endless scope of abstract painting.

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