Ben Nicolas

Exhibiting Address

28 Ashridge Way, Morden SM4 4EF

Opening Dates

September: 21, 22, 28, 29



Phone: 447931975500

Personal statement

Ben Nicolas is a Ceramic Sculptor & Landscape Painter who creates things inspired by nature and its organic forms. He graduated from the University of Surrey, Roehampton in 2003 with BA (Art in the Community). Since then he has continued to develop his work at his London-based studio.

Artistic Statement

I see each of my 3D creations as a landscape, I carve into clay as if the elements of nature have left their mark. These exquisite and unique pieces have captivated the imagination of curators and galleries throughout the U.K.
With my Paintings I enjoy experimenting with materials to capture the dynamic energy of nature
I exhibit regularly at various venues with Surrey Sculpture Society

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Ceramics, Painting, Shells, Sea, Waterfalls, Ocean, Water, Spirals, Trees, Forests, Crystaline Glazes, Nature, Canyon, Fish