Toni Richards

Exhibiting Address

29 Ridgway Place, Wimbledon SW19 4EW

Opening Dates

September: 28, 29


Personal statement

I was always meant to be a potter, but I didn’t know it. I just knew, at the age of 20 during my first encounter with clay, that pottery is good for the soul.’ After a long career in education, Toni Richards came back to ceramics. Now she spends her time in the wonderful studio that adjoins her home in Wimbledon. She is partly self-taught. On retiring from teaching, she attended adult education classes to learn the basics and then joined an HNC course at Richmond Adult Community College.

Artistic Statement

Primarily I make things for myself. Things I enjoy looking at, touching and using. I love living with beautiful things that give me joy and contentment and I strive to make things that are visually attractive, that catch the eye, that people want to touch.
I work with a range of stoneware clays. I throw some pieces and hand-build others, both techniques are highly satisfying, but the time-consuming part of the making process is decorating. I love to use coloured slips, to draw, paint and print on the surface of my pieces.
What motivates me, intrigues me, influences me? Everything. Everything from the silver peeling bark of a birch tree to a fish lying on a wet slab, a twisted, rusted wrought-iron gate or a shadow.

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