Suzanne Morgan

Exhibiting Address

41 Southdown Road, Wimbledon SW20 8PX

Opening Dates

September: 28, 29



Phone: 44 7592 850809

Personal statement

Having studied at Exeter College of Art, majoring in illustration, Suzanne Morgan worked for many years as a graphic designer with the emphasis on visualisation and concept development. She has always enjoyed using mixed media and painting expressively, often sitting on the edge of a Welsh coastal cliff path to paint the breathtaking view! Her focus has developed in recent years from figurative painting to abstracts, often referencing the landscapes that she has seen but with an emphasis on colour, which is what she finds so inspiring.

Artistic Statement

I paint large and small scale vibrant abstract paintings, often based on or reminiscent of landscapes. I use mixed media, including metallics and glitter to give added texture and contrast. Colour is always the starting point for a painting followed by the sense of movement gained from the palette knife application or the use of fluid art.
Although I am frequently commissioned to paint on large scale canvases, including diptychs and triptychs, to increase the impact in clients’ homes, I also love creating smaller paintings because of the intensity of the jewel-like colours that I can create.

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Suzanne Morgan, painting, abstract, landscape, vibrant, mixed media, palette knife painting, liquid art