Hiroko Imada

Exhibiting Address

103 Graham Road, Wimbledon SW19 3SP

Opening Dates

September: 21, 22, 28, 29



Phone: 447767473068

Personal statement

Hiroko Imada is a painter, printmaker, and site specific installation artist. She has exhibited throughout Europe and Japan, and her print works have been featured in the prestigious Saatchi Art Online collection number of times. In 2017, Imada created a giant paper wave interactive installation work at the Great Court of the British Museum as a part of ‘Hokusai, beyond the Great Wave’ exhibition official event – Hokusai: Making Waves. Imada also specialises in teaching Japanese woodblock printmaking and established a course at the British Museum and the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts and has taught it regularly.

Artistic Statement

My subject in art works has always been ‘Nature and Movement’. I would like to explore lots of different faces of Nature, and would like to introduce it to you with Japanese twists. My unique abstract style is very bold and dynamic yet evocative and delicate, seeking to stimulate and broaden the viewer’s imagination.
I have employed many different techniques, and have tried to combine my Japanese origins with the Western influences on my work.
In terms of technique, I have used a printing method called Mokulito for some of my prints. It is based on traditional lithography techniques but with important differences. Because of the nature of plywood, it can hold water-based ink as well as oil-based ink so that both can be printed at the same time. Plywood can also be carved with tools just like a woodblock printing. This innovative technique is a true marriage between Western and Japanese art methods.
Although all the art works are two dimensional, I would like viewers to feel the wind, light, shadows, smells, and sounds of nature – and the ultimate aim is to help viewers feel as if they are in nature.

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