David Dodson

Exhibiting Address

Queens Road (off Phipps Bridge Road), Merton CR4 3PL

Opening Dates

September: 28, 29

Personal statement

A student (engineering, art, philosophy etc.), would-be hippy, stowaway and inventor is how David Dodson describes himself. As a computer science lecturer he loved logic, computer graphics and human interaction. His delight in artistic expression was rekindled by objects found on a waste tip in Greece, including the construction material offcuts used in ‘Welcome Home Darling’, shown here.

Artistic Statement

Art Reco uncovers new meaning in or with found objects.
It delights in multiple meanings, ambiguity and incongruity.
It is often humerous. It often references other artists or artworks.
The titles of works are often key to sharing/liberating significance.
I also seek visual impact, aesthetic charm and poignancy.

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Art Reco: reconfigurables; reconceptualisations; recoveries (recycling); recoverings; recognitions (homages); recombinations, recompositions, reconnections & reconstructions; Art reco microworlds and maquettes;