Chud Clowes

Exhibiting Address

ACAVA Lombard Road Global House, 21c Lombard Road, Wimbledon

Opening Dates

September: 21, 22


Personal statement

Chud Clowes’ practice deals with the post-colonial discourse. She is interested in colonization, global imperialism and the impact of the British Empire on the issues of immigration and migration. She is inspired the by the Ethnographic Archive at the British Museum. The archive of artefacts and photographs helps her to form fictional narratives of how people who were colonized are represented. Her work is multidisciplinary, combining print, painting, performance and ceramics. In her etching series ‘Premier League’ she made a collection of drawings of black footballers on banana paper, using banana scent to perfume the prints and drawings. They were made as a response to the racist attacks suffered by footballers on the pitch. Chud is interested in using materiality and collage. She uses golden rescue blankets in many morphic guises, from etchings to temporary structures offering shelter.

Artistic Statement

For my solo show at the Griffin Gallery I carried out research on various Empire shows held at White City in 1908. I am also influenced by the Great Exhibition held at Hyde Park in 1851.
I have collaborated with many artists and film makers to produce short documentaries about social change. I have also carried out performances dressed as sea creatures to symbolically represent their migration away from danger.
My latest work is a triptych called ‘Fata Morgana’. It is comparing a sea mirage seen by sailors, with illusions of migration faced by migrant sea crossings made when trying to get into Europe.
I have a solo show in Colombo called ‘Sub-Marine’ 2019. This show draws analogous links with Coral in the ocean dealing with migration and Imperialism. It also highlights the hidden nature of migration and its impact on society.

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Empire Shows, Colonilism, RCA Printmaking. Mix media collage Griffin Art Prize winner