Barbara Aldridge

Exhibiting Address

Potting Sheds, Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon, SW19 4UW

Opening Dates

September: 21, 22, 28, 29



Phone: 447985531391

Personal statement

Barbara Aldridge has fluctuated between using the mediums of paint and clay all her life. For the last 16 yearsshe has been working from her studio in Cannizaro Park, where she has had the opportunity to respond to the beautiful natural environment and explore and develop both aspects of her work.

Artistic Statement

My ceramic work takes reference from the wealth of forms in nature: from landscapes, to plant forms, cellular forms, and rocks and cloudscapes. I like to play with multiple references in one piece so that the identity of the piece can be interpreted in a fluid way.
My paintings are more personal and often take reference from dimensions beyond the visible world. They also relate to my interest in the ideas of CG Jung and my long term practice of meditation.

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organic forms, smoke fired, earth bodies, cellular forms, hand built, saggar fired, etheric guardians, masks, clay, tactile, cloudscapes, abstract, inner voice, microcosm, cosmic connections, bottles, pods,